Vaccination Covid

Vaccinations under Covid-19

From the start of lockdown until about noon on 14 April the guidance of our governing body the RCVS was that we should deal with emergency and urgent cases only. This meant that we were obliged to refuse to carry out most vaccinations.

The guidance then changed and we are again able to offer primary vaccinations for puppies and kittens.

If you have an older dog that is due a booster then we have been advised that under the current circumstances, that it would be appropriate to delay the booster vaccinations for up to three months following the due date for their vaccine. This is because there is a consensus that immunity is likely to last over those three months. If your booster was due in February but your pet has not yet had a booster you should contact us as a matter of urgency and let us know that that is the case. If your vaccination was due in March or April it is sensible for you to wait for the moment but do remember to book in before the 3 month deadline.

The reason for this change in policy is that the RCVS are mindful of the potential for a disease outbreak amongst the animal community should too many vaccinations lapse.


An explanation of why we need to take these measures is available here.