Dog & Cat Food Loyalty Offer

Diet Loyalty Offer

Diet is so very important in keeping your pet healthy.

We want to help all our clients find an affordable way to make sure their pets have the right nutrition. Because your pets are our priority.

We have teamed up with Dechra Veterinary Products , a producer of high nutrition, balanced, fixed formula diets for cats and dogs so that we can offer you some great value for money deals and help you keep your pet healthy.

With he Dechra Specific range of veterinary exclusive foods we  provide you with Specific Loyalty  Cards – you collect a stamp with each purchase and when you have enough you get a free bag.

For example 3 15 kg bags of Specific Dog Food will entitle to your fourth bag free – a massive saving for you of up to £58.

Not only do we give away free bags of food on this offer but because the food is so high in nutrition your pet needs less and the bags last longer – all saving you money.

If you have a small 2.5 kg dog a 7.5 kg bag of Dechra Specific CXD-S Adult Small Breed food will cost you only 27p per day  if you feed according to the Dechra guidelines. You will also know that your pet is getting the right balanced nutrition – and that does not take into account your loyalty bonus.

So you can have good, scientifically balanced food for a great price.